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Different Development Boards

If we are planning to start working with microcontrollers (MCUs) /microprocessors (MPUs), we would want to start with something which is simple and required minimum hardware to assemble. In that case, development boards are the things we should be looking for. So let’s look at what development boards are. Continue reading Different Development Boards

How a microcontroller works?

The working of a microcontroller is sequential. It performs one step after another. Below, I have mentioned the stepwise process and have tried to keep the language lucid. The image below shows the 8051 architecture so that you can pictorially relate the different process. Continue reading How a microcontroller works?

What is a Microcontroller?

A Microcontroller (MCU) is a miniature computer which can perform certain operations just like your personal computer. MCUs are specifically distinguished by the fact that the processor core, RAM, ROM and input/output ports lie on the same chip. Microcontrollers are usually dedicated devices embedded within an application. For example, microcontrollers are used as engine controllers in automobiles and as exposure and focus controllers in cameras. Other applications include robotics, industrial automation, home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and microwave ovens etc. Continue reading What is a Microcontroller?

Microprocessor vs Microcontroller

Microprocessor and microcontroller are the devices at the core upon which the whole embedded system resides. People generally get confused with these terms, using one in place of another. Though there are many similarities, both these devices are significantly different. A microprocessor is the heart of a Computer system. Whereas a microcontroller is the heart of an embedded system. Judging whether an IC is a microcontroller or microprocessor is difficult as both are available in many packages.

Continue reading Microprocessor vs Microcontroller