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How a microcontroller works?

The working of a microcontroller is sequential. It performs one step after another. Below, I have mentioned the stepwise process and have tried to keep the language lucid. The image below shows the 8051 architecture so that you can pictorially relate the different process. Continue reading How a microcontroller works?

Layers of Abstraction

When we write a C program, say for a microcontroller, do we really know what actually happens at the hardware level? What does our code in C, C++ actually do, which causes the microcontroller to perform  different tasks? After all, a microcontroller is an inanimate chunk of organized silicon. To understand this, we need to know about two important concepts – Layers of Abstraction and Instruction Set Architecture aka ISA.

First, let’s understand the Layers of Abstraction that exist in an embedded system. Continue reading Layers of Abstraction