This website is designed with the motive to help freshers develop their embedded system projects. I will be covering topics which are more useful in practical embedded system applications. You can expect hardware and software support for the topics I will be writing on. The content on the website will be targeted more towards students and people new to the magnificent world of embedded systems. I will try to post new topics weekly, don’t kill me if I don’t stick to my plan. The posts will generally be factual, short and crisp, with my little experiences added.

I am Tanmay Patil and welcome to my world of embedded systems.

As a kid, I hated coding merely because of the ignorance of it. Maintaining that character, I chose electrical engineering, despite having a chance to pursue my bachelor’s in computer science. My penchant for embedded systems and coding piqued when I was introduced to this course on microcontrollers and microprocessors in my 3rd year of engineering. Understanding the limitless power that this technology endowed me with, I delved into this awesome world of embedded systems. And only then I realized that computer engineering was actually my cup of tea. Well, it was never late, and now I am doing what I really love to do –  {code}.

Currently, I am pursuing my master in embedded software engineering from the School of Computer Science at the Carnegie Mellon University. I am 25, with a little industrial experience (3 years to be precise) but an immense desire to learn and spread knowledge. Many people, especially engineers are unknown to this field of engineering (like I was back then). But this domain is worth diving into. Enticing people to this incredible technology was the whole purpose of starting this blog.

Something I associate myself apart from embedded systems and coding is Football (Yeah, Soccer!). It is something that keeps me driven and motivated all the time. Bad day at work? Then a game of football, and you are back to yourself! I play almost every sport, but football bears a very special place in my heart.

In my past time, I like trekking and biking. My other hobbies include playing chess and computer gaming (Go! Go! Go! – If you know what I mean).