Analog Converters

Analog converters are omnipresent. They are present in almost every electronic device we use. The analog world  around us is embedded with digital electronics. The link between the two is bridged by analog converts. There mainly two types of converts

  • ADC – Analog to Digital Converters
  • DAC – Digital to Analog Converters


Gain Error

ADC Errors

All analog converters are not ideal. There are always some manufacturing defects and non-ideal material properties which lead to the introduction of some ...
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compensated quantization

Quantization Error and SNR

In earlier posts, we had a glimpse of the term quantization error. This error is introduced during the quantization process ...
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ADC bits

Bits and Resolution

Understanding bits and resolution is key to working with analog converters. The resolution of an analog converter helps us to make ...
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ADC Introduction

Introduction to ADC

ADCs ( Analog to Digital Converts ) find their application almost everywhere, ranging from our cell phone to rocket science ...
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