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List of online stores for Robotics and Embedded systems in India

We need to get our hands on the component before we start any embedded or robotics project. So, where can you get all the embedded and robotic components online?

Here is the list of online stores which provide development boards, ICs and other robotics and embedded related components in India:

Hacktronics One of the best and cheapest online stores. Reliable. Fast Delivery.
Sunrom Rare product range but costly. Reliable. Online support with manuals and sample programs.
Kits ‘n’ spares Good collection of development boards. Nominal pricing. Delay in delivery sometimes.
Robosoft Systems Wide range of robotics components. Moderately costly.
Vega Robo Kit Currently(31-05-2016), only taking bulk orders.
Nex-Robotics Good variety of boards and components targeting Robotics. Costly.
Robokits Good collection. Moderately costly.

I have bought components from the above-mentioned websites and my experience has been quite good so far. There are other websites too, which are also popular.

Robo Shop
DNA Technology
TheHobbyShop (THS)
RoboSoft Labs
Tenet Technetronics
Project Point
entor Technologies

Apart from the above-mentioned links, also has many sellers who specialize in selling embedded and robotic components.

If you are not in a hurry to get the modules, you can also try My experience with Aliexpress has been good so far, the prices are very very cheap as compared to the Indian market, but the delivery takes about a month or two (But yeah, you get your product), and you may have to pay some addition import duty (quite minimum) as the sellers are based in china.

The rates on all these online stores vary . So, I recommend you check all the websites to get the best deal.

Note: The author takes no responsibility of any misconduct from the websites. It’s a mere collection of web links to help developers get the required ICs and components quickly.

Other websites (more corporate clients) which generally take bulk orders include.

Digi-key electronics
Mouser electronics

If you know any other reliable online stores in India, mention the link in the comments section below. I will be more than happy to add it in this list.

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