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On an Operating System based device like a PC, Mac or an Android phone, the OS takes care of the peripherals and ports, allowing you to focus only on the software (i.e. your code). On the other hand, an application based embedded system not only requires coding but also requires you to know a fair deal about the hardware involved. This also involves application-specific OS based system where the OS has to be tweaked to meet real-time constraints or achieve faster processing (which also requires knowledge about the underlying hardware). It’s a conglomerate of hardware and software, empowering you with a flexibility that is unparalleled. Well, you don’t get something for nothing. Learning the know-how of the computer architecture inside a controller is tedious, considering the diversity and plethora of microcontrollers and microprocessors available in the market, each with their different internal architecture and functioning.

But the joy of working with microcontrollers and microprocessor is immense. You can practically make anything you want to, anything you wished to, and anything you dreamt about. Yeah! You can be the next iron-man.

Stop thinking and start coding!

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